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Self-Serve Header Bidding Platform

Difficulty setting up, managing and maintaining the header bidding ad stack? Lack of transparency, lack of reporting data? Poor ad formats? Low ad yield? PubPower provides you an all in one platform to manage your header bidding ad stack easily and efficiently. Not only that, we also provide you with all the best performing ad formats like: Sticky, Interstitial, Instream, Outstream, Pin Zone, Play Zone. Besides, we also built the other profit-maximizing tools such as: Dynamic Floor, A/B Testing, Report Comparison....

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Unified reporting platform

We provide you with reports for all your demand sources in the most detailed and accurate real time.

Support multiple ad formats

Provide all of modern proven best monetization ad formats.

All demands on one platform

Connect to all the demand sources you have whether it is Prebid Client, Prebid Server, ORTB, VAST...

Easy and intuitive setup

Manage and set up inventory, demands, ad tags, floor, ad templates, modules... in the most easiest and intuitive way.

In-Depth data analysis

Get all the necessary metrics to make the appropriate adjustments: Active view, RPM, Bid rate, Win rate, Response time, Timeout...

Authorize publishers

A transparent advertising platform that gives control and optimization to publishers. No hidden magic. Technology you can trust!

Fast Ad Delivery

We did lots of code's customization as well as delivery ads via high-speed CDN to minimize the latency and increase user experience.

Recover Ad-blocked Revenue

PubPower helps publishers recover revenue that's lost by ad blockers.

Connect to new buyers in seconds

PubPower is pre-integrated with the 20+ largest SSPs. Connecting to them takes a few clicks and revenue generation is immediate.

Rewarded Ads

Offer rewards for watching ads, publishers can encourage users to spend more time within their app or site.

Provide a non-intrusive way to monetize mobile apps and games without disrupting the user experience.

Help publishers generate more revenue while enhancing users' experience.

Video Ads

Offer a rich media experience, allowing advertisers to convey their message more effectively through storytelling, visuals, and audio.

Convey messages more dynamically and engage users with audiovisual content, leading to better brand recall and engagement.

Sticky Ads

Enhance your ad space ActiveView rate and attract more interest from advertisers, resulting in increased fill-rate.

Constantly present on the screen, more likely to capture users' attention and encourage engagement.

Choose the Suitable Solution for you

PubPower provides solutions that fit all kinds of business. Whether you are a publisher with only 1 website or you are a media company with hundreds of websites, we have the right solutions for you.

You just need to grow your content and audience. Let us take care of your ad stack scaling, management, and optimization.


Best option for small to medium publishers looking for a fully managed service                                           

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24/7 Email support
Real-time unified reports
Access to all tools
Access to all ad formats
S2S Integration
Dynamic floor price optimization
Access to PubPower demand                 

Best option for large publishers with an existing ad ops team and looking to scale their ad stack

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24/7 Email support
Real-time unified reports
Access to all tools
Access to all ad formats
S2S Integration
Dynamic floor price optimization
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All-In-One Header Bidding Platform

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