Enhance Publisher Financial Management with PubPower’s Split Payment

It has come to our notice that the websites we work with are often operated by multiple people simultaneously, leading to the need for profit sharing and different billing methods. To address this, we provide a Split Payment Method to help publishers easily manage these challenges.

What is Split Payment?

Split payment refers to a transaction method where a payment for a single order of goods or services is divided among multiple payment methods or payers. In this context, it refers to a PubPower feature that allows publishers to distribute their earned advertising revenue into multiple accounts.

When Does Publisher Need Split Payment?

There are many situations where split payment is necessary and beneficial for publishers:

  • In cases where content or ad revenue is generated collaboratively (e.g., joint ventures or content partnerships), PubPower could facilitate split payments directly to each publisher’s account according to agreed-upon percentages. This would eliminate the need for manual redistribution after payout.
  • Website shareholders may use various payment methods. For instance, Publisher A may want to receive the payment via wire transfer, while Publisher B prefers Payoneer.
  • A website owner may want to share the website’s profit across different wallets.

Split payment is an ideal solution for publishers to help them reduce time spent calculating and transferring the profit share among multiple shareholders with different payment methods.

Potential Benefits of Split Payment for Publishers

  • Enhanced Financial Management: Publishers can manage their finances more effectively by directing funds to different accounts, supporting better cash flow management.
  • Simplified Partner Payments: Automatically splitting revenue with partners on collaborative projects simplifies the accounting process and ensures transparency and fairness in payment distribution.
  • Customization and Control: By having the option to customize how payments are split, publishers gain greater control over their financial operations and can align revenue streams with specific business goals or budgetary requirements.

What Payment Method does PubPower Support?

Here’s a breakdown of the payment methods that PubPower currently offers:

  • Wire transfer
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Cryptocurrency: BCH (Bitcoin Cash), BTC (Bitcoin), USDT (Tether)

How to Enable Split Payment Method

Publishers can easily enable the split payment method with these four simple steps:

1. Contact your Account Manager to enable this feature on your account
PubPower account manager

2. Once enabled, in the billing setup, you will see an option like this:

split payment setup

3. Select “Add Billing” and add as many payment methods as you need. Set the share for each method, ensuring that the sum of the rates equals 100%.

4. After you have filled in all the information, click “Submit,” and you will receive a confirmation email.

Key Takeaways

  • The PubPower split payment method allows publishers to distribute their earned advertising revenue into multiple accounts. It is particularly useful for websites where ad revenue is shared among multiple publishers, for shareholders using different payment methods, and for publishers who want to split their revenue into many wallets.
  • PubPower users can enable this feature by contacting their Account Manager, setting up their billing methods in Account Settings, and verifying through the confirmation email.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How secure is the split payment feature with PubPower?
Security is our top priority. PubPower uses advanced encryption and compliance measures to ensure that all transactions are secure and your data is protected.

Can I customize the percentage split for different partners or accounts?
Absolutely! You have full control over how you allocate percentages among different accounts or partners, allowing you to tailor the splits to meet your specific business needs.

Are there any additional fees associated with using the split payment method?
There are no additional fees for using the split payment feature. It’s designed to help you manage your finances more effectively without extra costs.

What happens if there’s a discrepancy or dispute in payment distribution?
We provide comprehensive support to resolve any payment discrepancies. Contact your Account Manager team directly, and they’ll work diligently to address and rectify any issues swiftly.

How quickly are split payments processed?
Split payments are processed just as quickly as regular payments. As soon as the transaction is approved, funds are distributed according to your predefined percentages.

Can I change the split percentages after setting them up?
Yes, you can adjust the split percentages at any time through your PubPower account settings. After that, your Account Manager will send you an email to confirm the adjustment.


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