How to Monetize with PubPower Header Bidding

How to Monetize with PubPower Self-serve Header Bidding

PubPower is an ad network with headquarters located in Singapore. It currently has 120 million daily unique visitors from more than 45 countries, about 200 billion monthly impressions displayed, approximately 3500 direct publishers and over 300 direct advertisers. With the advanced header bidding and innovation solutions, they have helped publishers who own digital properties such as websites or apps, connect with over 30 SSPs and increase their revenue up to 250%. In this article we will explore a bit deeper about the PubPower platform and how it works.

What is Header Bidding?

Header bidding is an advanced programmatic advertising technique that allows publishers to offer their ad inventory to several ad exchanges simultaneously before making calls to their ad servers.

How Does It Work

  1. On the Publisher’s Side: The publisher includes a header bidding script (often JavaScript) in the header of their website’s pages. This script is executed whenever a page is loaded.
  2. Ad Requests: When a user visits the publisher’s website, the header bidding script sends out ad requests to multiple demand sources or ad exchanges at once, inviting them to bid for the ad space.
  3. The Auction: Ad exchanges receive the request and conduct an auction among the advertisers they represent. Each participating advertiser submits a bid for how much they’re willing to pay to display their ad to the user.
  4. Winning Bid Selection: The highest bids from each ad exchange are then sent back to the publisher’s ad server. The ad server compares these bids against each other and against any direct deals or other ad sources the publisher might have.
  5. Ad Display: The highest overall bid wins the ad space, and the winning ad is displayed to the user.

PubPower Header Bidding Platform

PubPower Header Bidding Wrapper is a powerful platform offering many useful tools to optimize publishers’ websites and maximize their revenue potential.

Some of the noteworthy features from PubPower are:

  • Detailed Real-time Report: This not only offers publishers transparency on the revenue that they generated in real-time, but also specify type of metrics for them to gain deeper insight and make appropriate optimizing solutions to their ad inventory. PubPower Report
  • Self-serve Header Bidding: Gives publishers full control over their ad inventory and  allows them to add their own demands to compete with PubPower’s demands simultaneously. PubPower Header Bidding Bidder
  • Google MCM partner: With the premium access to MCM partner, PubPower can help small and medium publishers get access to Google Ad Exchange, O-RTB, and preferral offers to significantly expand their ad monetizating potential.PubPower MCM
  • Diverse Ad Formats: Offers various ad formats such as video, interstitial, sticky banner, rewarded ads, and creates an attractive inventory for advertisers leading to higher bid price and higher users ad experience. Please check out our DEMO
  • AdBlock Detector: Detects adblock extension users and encourages them to disable it. This can help publishers regain 10-20% revenue loss due to adblock.
  • User Experience: By optimizing ad load times and ensuring that only the most relevant ads are displayed, PubPower enhances the overall user experience on the publisher’s site.
  • Compatibility and Integration: PubPower’s header bidding solution is designed to be easily integrated with publishers’ existing websites, regardless of the content management system or platform they use. It is compatible with a wide range of ad formats and devices, ensuring a seamless user experience across all platforms.
  • 24/7 Publisher Support Team: We are dedicated to help our publishers overcome all the difficulties on ad monetization and push them to their full potential.

How to leverage PubPower Services

To start your monetization process with PubPower, first of all, you need to follow these two steps:

  1. Sign up for PubPower
  2. Submit your website domain. Make sure it met PubPower website requirements
  3. Contact to the Publisher Center for the support team to check
  4. After your site has been approved, your site will be assigned to an Account Manager, who will support and guide you through the whole technical process. You can click on it to see their contact information.

PubPower Optimization Timeline

A typical “pattern” of optimization for a site within the PubPower system spans 12 weeks starting from few ads visible to fully filled and optimized. Following this period, enhancements continue as the system experiments with new layouts and becomes more attuned to your users’ preferences. What proves highly effective on one website may not resonate with your audience, necessitating a process of trial and error to discover what works best.

You can consult this timeline table to understand how PubPower’s optimization process works.

PubPower Timeline

  • Discovery phase (Week 1-3): PubPower is actively collecting information regarding your site and the impact of various significant layout modifications. During this phase, performance typically ranges from marginally below to marginally above that of your previous website’s performance. It’s common to observe a modest increment in ad fill-rate and revenue throughout this duration.
  • Optimization phase (Week 4-12): PubPower has begun to understand your website and its visitors, yet it hasn’t fully grasped all the nuances required. As PubPower gathers more insights, you’re likely to witness a notable uptick in performance, which will be succeeded by a 6-8 week phase of consistent enhancement.
  • Completion phase (12+): The PubPower platform continuously tests and learns from your website, typically showing month-over-month improvements indefinitely. By leveraging continuous testing and the expertise of engineers and data scientists, publishers can expect enhancements. However, for PubPower to demonstrate its full potential, a minimum commitment of 12 weeks is advisable. The process is optimized using advanced statistical methods, but effective results depend on sufficient data. Analysis indicates that the most significant factor determining a site’s success on PubPower is the amount of time given to the system to optimize and produce results—the more time allowed, the higher the likelihood of success.
  • Optimization over time: PubPower persistently evaluates other high-performing variations against the current top performer, guided by user behavior, to confirm it remains the most effective. This ongoing testing, now with added sophistication, integrates insights from various sites and adapts to emerging platform technologies and devices. In this phase, the majority of users experience the ‘best’ layout, while a smaller segment of traffic explores alternative versions. It’s a methodical process aimed at continuous and systematic enhancement.


In summary, PubPower is proud to be one of the most transparent and highly advanced platforms in digital advertising, and is constantly changing and upgrading for the clients benefits. With 4 simple steps, publishers can start their advertising monetization journey right away and be accompanied by our dedicated and supportive team, so don’t hesitate and let us be your trusted partner today!


Social Media Marketing, Publisher Manager at PubPower.

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